How to secure your BitClout Seed phrase with Vault12

The easiest way to make money on platforms like these is by buying coins. A founder reward is a percentage of the coins that creators sell, but it’s not an all-or-nothing type deal. what is bitcoin is it safe and how does it work platform allows users to buy and trade tokens based on the value of someone’s reputation, which is measured by how many followers they have.

That said, the market for both BitClout and creator coins has been open for about two weeks to anyone with insider info, namely VCs, developers, and anyone in close circles with access to a private link. Notably, while BitClout and creator coins can be swapped back and forth, Bitcoin to BitClout transactions are one-way only. This means that any BitClout profits cannot currently be pulled from the system. In that case, any creator coins tied to that creator’s “reserved profile” can be sold back for the market price. There’s a decent chance that creator coins related to a removed profile would tank in value, resulting in holders of those coins taking big losses.

Getting information about single post ( likes, comments etc on a post)

So it seems fair to say that the market caps of the tokens are overstated, at a minimum. „This is engineered to show people paper gains very quickly so they will put in more money and buy more bitcoin inventor satoshi nakamotos return could,“ Prestwich said. In order to convince creators that this was not a project that would cut and run with BTC put into the system, BitClout sought the backing of major investors in crypto.

Companies and startups in this collection leverage blockchain technology for crypto trading, decentralized finance , NFTs, and more. To gain access to your BitClout seed phrase, select the asset in your Vault and take the unlock option. The more advanced option, when you first create a BitClout account is to generate your own BIP39 seed phrase.

Sending currency on BitClout

In the rest of this section we will focus on the proceedings involved in buying DeSo using the BTC-DeSo exchange within the Bitclout website. To conclude, I’ll try to give a general sense of what can be done to resolve similar issues in the future and what was done concretely in the case of Bitclout’s service. BitClout lets you share links, images, GIFs, and so much more. Write good copy that attracts your audience and motivates them to respond. Use attractive and relevant visual content that informs and entertains at the same time. You can only automate your own account and can’t have user authorisation.

Is BitClout a security?

BitClout Identity, located at, safely stores your sensitive account information in your browser's local storage. To protect private key material the identity service has minimal dependencies, a strict content security policy, and is audited by multiple security firms.

The BTCLT token is used as gas and will likely eventually be used in a governance process that manages the project’s BTC treasury. The code will be open-sourced on the BitClout site soon and when that happens others will be able to join permissionlessly as nodes or as miners, Diamondhands said. BitClout is a crypto social network that lets you speculate on profiles and posts using „Creator Coins,“ which you can buy with Bitcoin. Note that this is not an endorsement or otherwise of BitClout and you should decide for yourself whether you think it’s legit or it’s a scam. This soft launch for VCs, developers, and insiders has brought up some concerns about fairness and transparency.

BitClout Investors

Information related to lending products contained herein should not be construed as an offer or prequalification for any loan product offered by SoFi Bank, N.A., or SoFi Lending Corp. But BitClout’s investors are quite well known and identifiable. They include Coinbase Ventures and the Winklevoss twins, two of the biggest names in crypto, as well as Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia, two of high-profile Silicon Valley venture capital firms. The CB Insights tech market intelligence platform analyzes millions of data points on venture capital, startups, patents , partnerships and news mentions to help you see tomorrow’s opportunities, today. Whether your digital art is suitable for a phone, or represents much higher resolution multimedia, make sure that you have backed up a copy in case the resource link is disrupted in the future.

For someone unrelated to the person whose’s image is in the profile picture. „Buying creates coins while pushing the price up and locking money into the profile, while selling destroys coins while pushing the price down and unlocking money from the profile.“ It also generates social tokens , which represent actual people. Those social tokens‘ supplies are controlled by automated market makers , though one governed by a bonding curve that explicitly ratchets up the value as more tokens get minted.

Social media

The receiver of output of the transaction is the attacker itself. The backend sends the resulting transaction’s hash back to the client, requesting this hash to be signed using the client’s private key. The function handling the exchange of Bitcoin to Bitclout can be found here.

This verifies legitimate owners, Diamondhands said, but no doubt the publicity also helps. He further objected to the qualitative experience of BitClout. Sending money to a crypto address in order to get tokens back is the same spirit and feel of the early initial coin offering rush of 2017. He doesn’t like seeing those kinds of optics return to the space, only with marquee names. Crypto social networks are not new, but Diamondhands argues the key innovation with BitClout is that it emphasizes the value of the creator, not their content.

  • This means that any BitClout profits cannot currently be pulled from the system.
  • The original and the most popular gateway into the realms of DeSo is known as Bitclout, and it is a website through which users can use the decentralized social network of DeSo.
  • In terms of fundraising and treasury management, El-Naji says the platform will support multiple currencies and blockchains beyond Ethereum.
  • Project creators will always have to deal with multiple wallets – inventory, treasury as well as future royalty wallets.
  • CoinDesk journalists are not allowed to purchase stock outright in DCG.
  • In the crypto community, which runs on an ethos of permissionless, transparency, and decentralization, BitClout currently stands on shaky ground.

Digital art can easily be added to the Vault either via the mobile app or via the desktop utility. Once you have stored your artwork in your Vault, it will also benefit from inheritance once you activate that in your app. Diamond is a social network, built on the Decentralized Social Blockchain. Making an account on Diamond is as simple as creating an account on Instagram.

Is BitClout a coin?

It should attract, get retweeted, liked, and commented on. Talk about the latest happenings, the right influencers, and upscale your social media marketing. The information provided is not meant to provide investment or financial advice. Investment decisions should be based on an individual’s specific financial needs, goals and risk profile. Advisory services offered through SoFi Wealth, LLC. SoFi Securities, LLC, member FINRA / SIPC.


Running a DAO typically means collecting Ethereum from members, creating a so-called governance token, and then arranging a series of votes to determine policies and spending. That’s right, everything you publish in BitCloud’s twitter-like application will remain on the Internet forever. One of the main controversies about what is a bitcoin wallet is that it opened with already created profiles for the biggest Twitter influencers’ accounts.

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Social media activity that takes place on DAODAO, however—and some of El-Naji’s critics will view this as a serious caveat—will be limited to the DeSo blockchain, which El-Naji launched last year. On DAODAO, those wishing to start their own DAO start by entering a name and the amount the DAO aims to raise. In terms of fundraising and treasury management, El-Naji says the platform will support multiple currencies and blockchains beyond Ethereum. „The biggest winners in crypto have been centralized entities like Coinbase and OpenSea,“ says El-Naji.

  • Gaining a good following and engagement with those followers is a prerequisite to any digital presence.
  • When you create a BitClout account, your seed phrase is pre-generated for you by BitClout.
  • Other features include, “ability for users/influencers to create tokens for their community”, “DEX to e…
  • A counter on the DAODAO website claims it has raised $500,000 so far.
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  • Influencer marketing is all about using someone else’s social standing to gain an audience for your product, service, or brand.

There were about 15,000 pre-loaded accounts, all based on Twitter. „The platforms that have existed up to today, really focus on speculating on the post as the atomic unit, rather than on the creator. And there’s a very big difference, because posts are short term,“ Diamondhands said. „That makes it not really very exciting as an asset class. Whereas if you have a creator that you can speculate on, that’s a very long-term thing that you can really invest in for a long time.“ In early March 2021, about fifty investors received links to a password-protected website with the BitClout white paper.

Will Coinbase refund if scammed?

You can contact Coinbase customer support over the phone if you think that your account has been compromised and if you want to request a refund for the unauthorized or incorrect transaction. To get in touch with the company's customer care reps, dial: +1 888 908-7930 (U.S./International)

He started creating a custom blockchain in May 2019, but didn’t tell anyone else until November 2020.[unreliable source? ] However, in the fall of 2020, al-Naji pitched BitClout’s own investors under his real name and began posting job listings for a „new operation“. We do a deep dive into what is Bitclout, the opportunity there right now and where it could be the future dominant social media platform. Creator tokens for many popular “reserved profiles” including Elon Musk, Ariana Grande, and Kim Kardashian, have also been bought up pre-launch, with the top 10 creator tokens valued at a floor of $15k each. BitClout’s price doubles for every million coins in circulation.