If you wish to be able to content they to another machine, have fun with –standalone and you will backup the fresh written system

If you wish to be able to content they to another machine, have fun with –standalone and you will backup the fresh written system

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The option –follow-imports or any other variations be as effective as, although provided segments is only going to be importable after you imported the fresh new some_component term.

New resulting extension module can only just feel loaded to your a great CPython of the identical adaptation and you can does not were most other expansion segments.

The fresh inclusion of the package material should be considering by hand, otherwise, the package is actually blank. You will end up much more particular if you would like, and simply tend to be part of it. Data files found in the free yemeni sex chat room bundle are not embedded by this step, you ought to duplicate them on your own using this type of method.

To have shipments with other options, you’ve got the standalone function which provides a folder wherein you might specify –standalone .

Realize most of the imports is default contained in this function. You could selectively ban modules by especially claiming –nofollow-import-to , however a keen ImportError could be elevated whenever transfer from it are experimented with at system runtime.

To own records getting provided, make use of the choice –include-data-files= = where source are a document system path, but address has to be specified relative. Having stand alone you’ll be able to copy them yourself, but this will would a lot more checks, and onefile mode, there isn’t any guidelines duplicating you can easily.

To replicate specific otherwise all file for the a directory, make use of the option –include-data-files=/etc/*.txt=etc/ the place you arrive at establish cover patterns into the documents, and you can an effective subdirectory locations to put them, expressed of the about slash.

To duplicate an entire folder with all files, you are able to –include-data-dir=/path/to/images=photographs that may duplicate most of the records also a prospective subdirectory framework. You can’t filter out right here, i.elizabeth. if you’d like just a partial duplicate, get rid of the data beforehand.

If you would like collect an entire plan and you will implant all of the segments, that’s as well as possible, have fun with Nuitka such as this:

Getting bundle investigation, there’s an easier way, playing with –include-package-investigation and therefore detects data files of bundles immediately and you will duplicates them over. It also allows activities inside the cover layout.

Having documents, you’re largely oneself. Nuitka tracks of them that are needed from the popular packages, nevertheless could well be partial.

This will manage just one binary, which towards the Linux doesn’t also unpack by itself, but rather loop back install the content because the a filesystem and you can play with you to.

There are many system certain choice, elizabeth.g. pertaining to icons, splash monitor, and you can version recommendations, take into account the –let efficiency towards specifics of this type of and check new section „Good looks“.

Once more, toward Window, to the temporary file index, automatically the consumer a person is made use of, yet not it is overridden which have a course specification offered from inside the –windows-onefile-tempdir-spec=%TEMP%\\onefile_%PID%_%TIME% which is the standard and asserts the temporary directories authored you should never collide.

It is your responsibility to really make the roadway provided novel, on the Windows a flowing program was closed, even though playing with a fixed folder name is you are able to, it can cause locking points in this case, where in actuality the program gets cast aside.

Usually you should use %TIME% or at least %PID% and work out a route unique, and this is mostly intended for fool around with circumstances, in which age.g. you desire things to reside in a location you select or abide their naming events.

When you have a great , setup.cfg or pyproject.toml inspired creation of tires to suit your software positioned, placing Nuitka to utilize is extremely effortless.

Lets begin by the most famous setuptools means, you can – which have Nuitka installed however, only do the prospective bdist_nuitka instead of the bdist_controls . It requires all of the choice and you can allows you to indicate some a great deal more, that will be certain to Nuitka.